Please Take One

An interactive public artwork

Please Take One is an evolving network of community-contributed audio pieces, exploring the internal worlds of everyday artists and creatives. Available online and in-person, as a listener or a contributor, Please Take One aims to strengthen creative networks and communities. 

Artists Jessica Tanto and Nick Barker collected audio works from artists living inside and outside The City Knox. Please Take One invites audiences to experience a collection of audio works presenting an intercultural exchange between artists living inside and outside The City of Knox. Recorded and collected over 2020 & 2021, the recordings emphasise aspects of the artist's lived experience during the COVID-19 pandemic and in doing so provide a meeting point between talented emerging musicians, music enthusiasts, and audiences. As many of the recordings would not have otherwise been published, it is an intimate portrayal of moments behind our ‘Lockdown’ walls. 

This project is bimodal, available to interact with both online and in-person via a web portal or through tear-off flyer QR codes in the form of ‘rooms to let posters. It invites members of the digital and online community to take home a piece of artwork from that community. And just like the music and the moment it was recorded in, the work will disappear as the poster fades into time. 

This project was created by Nick and Jessica for KNOX Immerse 2021

Nick and Jessica bring their different backgrounds together in music, fine arts and psychology to inform their artwork. These experiences fuse the emotional and interactive aspects of their work, creating art that takes the form of interactive musical installations.