Art Career Day

Professional Development based program at GUDSKUL Ekosistem

Art Career Day was initiated by Jessica Tanto as a response to the lack of art-career related information accessible to her as a high school student. 

While Jessica was interested in arts and cultural careers in high school, she was unable to find resources that would clarify this career path. She noticed that her high-school friends were more confident in pursuing other careers in major fields like medicine, law and business had a lot more transparent information about how their career paths will look like. Not knowing what an art career path looks like made it an off-putting option to pursue, perhaps due to the fear of the unknown. 

After graduating high school and gaining experience from within the arts industry, she decided to create a program that would provide information about the realities of an artist's career path in Jakarta targetted for high school students and their parents.

Art Career Day Program types:

Webinar A. Bhinneka Kunstenaar: Beragam Karier Seniman


Webinar B. Siklus pekerjaan seni rupa di Indonesia – ‘Teman-teman Seniman’ 


An online site compiling shared knowledge from the Webinars