A performance art-exhibition at Serrum Gallery (2019)

The title of the work (24 Hours Artist Talk) explains exactly what happened in this solo endurance artwork. 

Born out of her difficulties understanding some artworks in an exhibition, and not being able to meet the artist themselves to ask about the artwork, Jessica decided to create an 'art exhibition' of her previous works and sit throughout the whole exhibition in a beanbag. By staying in the gallery for 24 hours (only going out for toilet breaks), Jessica ensures that each visitor will have the opportunity to strike up a dialogue with the artist herself about any of the artworks presented. 

In addition, the audience members were invited to participate in a wall mural by scribbling with a crayon and then trying to find an object outlined by the lines of the audience themselves and a previous audience.

Documentation photographs by Amanda Kusuma

An audience seen playing the scribble chase game

The artist seen conversing with several audience members as they relax on beanbags

2 audience members seen enjoying food while chatting with the audience

The artist explaining her artwork to an audience member