Letters to Childhood Comfort

A Facilitated Performance Activation


This performance prompted people to reflect and discuss their modes of obtaining comfort as a child versus now as a young adult. It stemmed from my curious questions as an adult who maintains a relationship with a childhood comfort object.

The workshop facilitates participants to ask the following questions


Activity 1. Recalling my childhood object: The session begins with a visualization exercise to help people remember the details of their childhood comfort object and embody the feeling it brought them as a child. Participants then share what they imagined and describe the feeling of ‘comfort’ it gave them.

Activity 2. How do I achieve comfort now?: We will discuss how we obtain comfort nowadays and compare it to our childhood method and feeling of comfort.

Activity 3. Writing a letter to our childhood comfort object: Lastly, we will write a letter individually to our childhood comfort object. This letter does not need to be textual. It can be anything that the participants wish to express using a pen/pencil and paper.

Workshop Impact: The discussions made me realize the diverse feeling of ‘comfort’ and various modes of achieving it. The participants expressed that this workshop helped them regain the experience and sense of comfort they had forgotten.

Results from previous workshops

cоска (pronounced ‘soska’)

soothing cоска

i miss your easy bite

i miss you late at night

i haven’t seen you in years

but still i know your colours

blue and yellow and red

i chew you before bed

and wake up in the day

to suck the day away

my grandma tells me off

says soon i’ll get too old

for having things between

my growing teeth and gums

for having you hang out my lips

i’ll miss your easy bite

i’ll miss you late at night

but my age will betray my love

i will be above

the simpleness you bring

the comfort amongst everything