MeGa Yoga (Yoga by Me, for Me)

A satirical yoga lineage and business

Wellness industries have gained popularity (and lots of cash) in recent years. In 2014 the wellness industry is thrice as large as the pharmaceutical industry. Many Eastern spiritual practices, especially yoga, are heavily marketed as expensive, luxurious wellness products around the world.

Growing up in Indonesia, I was in close proximity to both local spiritual practices and boutique yoga studios dominated by expats. I became interested in understanding my position and the impact that I have as someone who participates in the high-end yoga industry through teaching and joining yoga classes in Indonesia and Melbourne.

Upon completing a yoga teacher training certification and starting to teach yoga, I encountered lots of internal contradictive thoughts and questions regarding the commodification of yoga, which I channeled through this work.

MeGa Yoga is a satirical new lineage of Yoga meant as a performance art. It borrows the existing language and forms of commodities in the wellness industry to question the industry itself.

A series of online and offline satirical yoga classes are delivered to explore the values promoted by wellness industries. Marketing materials for a fake line of yoga props are made to explore the societal and cultural factors that motivate individuals to engage in the wellness industry.

Overall, MeGa does not aim to offer knowledge but instead offers an experience that prompts its viewers to question the multifaceted aspects and impacts of the yoga and wider wellness industry.