FREE! Personality-reading service 

Shown at Am I Alone group show (2021)

FREE! Personality-Reading Service (2020)

Most of our social interactions have shifted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This artwork explores the way internet speed may influence the way we construct ‘portraits’ of one another. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, my work, university classes, and social gatherings transferred to Zoom. Transitioning to socialise online was difficult for me as I did not have access to great wifi and cellular connection in my house. 

There were countless times where I would accidentally cut a person's speech, ignore someone's question, or rudely leave a gathering, all due to my unstable connection. At other times I'd be on the other end of the conversation being interrupted, ignored, or abruptly left.

I know that the rude attitudes others seem to display on Zoom are largely due to their poor internet connection; but my mind tends to accidentally attribute their social errors to their personality rather than technology. I would then quickly correct this false assumption and explain to my mind that it's not the person's personality but rather their internet's. It makes me wonder whether others have accidentally done the same towards me since I tend to have a bad internet connection myself.

FREE! Personality Reading Service is a satirical personality test that explicitly demonstrates how your internet speed may sabotage your image. Participants of the online work are prompted to enter their internet speed data. The ping, download and upload internet speed required can be easily obtained through a free online speed test. The personality quiz uses their internet speed data to provide them with a personality reading they can download and keep as a collectible artwork.

Medium: Media art; Ink, Gouache, A4 paper, Tripetto form generator, Microsoft Powerpoint

About the group show: Am I Alone

Am I Alone?  is an online group show curated by Ranerrim and Projek Rabak in January 2021. The exhibition explores the concept of self-portraits during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I was thrilled to join this exhibition as it gave me the opportunity to experiment with the limitations (and advantages) of online exhibition space. I used the online medium to talk about the online impacts itself on self-portraits.