MEga yoga installation

An immersive audio-visual art installation featuring documentation of Mega Yoga's performance.

3 May - 11 May 2023 

Artist Statement 

Jessica Tanto grew up in the heavily religious and spiritual landscape of Java. Jessica started to join yoga classes and use well-being products in 2018 and recently became a certified yoga teacher. Through Mega Yoga, Jessica explores the discomfort and uncanny feelings they experience in the wellness industry as someone who grew up with strong connections to local religious and spiritual practices.

Mega Yoga has previously been shown as a participatory performance in Dancehouse and a yoga studio. The current exhibition brings together the documentation of these past performances and some new sculptural works which take the form of yoga merchandise.

Mega Yoga wouldn’t have been possible without some of the loveliest people I know 

Mega Yoga Performance

Photographer: Meadow Nguyen

Videographer: Carlos Melegrito

Installation Support: Isabelle, Caroline & Stefan

All the participants of the performance

Mega Yoga ‚ÄėMerchandise Promotion‚Äô

Props Model: Isabelle Paci

Clothes Photographer: Lea Maier

Exhibition Installation Support

Halle Warrender & Bianca Winataputri

All-time brainstorming buddy

 Isabelle Paci and Brayden Dopper

Special thanks to Blackbird Foundation for supporting Mega Yoga’s performance and exhibition and Prince Claus Funds for supporting the fieldwork research process.