A student-run art community founded by Jessica Tanto


Jessica refused to take formal art education during high school because she disagreed with how art was graded in her school. She realised that a lot of students in the school also enjoyed creating art but was not able to freely express their emotions through art during art class due to the grading system they are bounded by. Hence, Jessica started an art community which still thrives to this day, and grows with every academic year. Wadah Warna is a student-run art club which provides students a safe space to create art without any grading system and limitations. 


Jessica coordinated weekly workshops in Wadah Warna ranging from pointed pen calligraphy classes to interior design workshops. Anyone is free to join these workshops and membership to join the community is completely free. These workshops are lead by either herself, a community member, or an emerging creative from Jakarta. Some emerging creatives which have taught in Wadah Warna included Amy Zahrawan, a printmaker from Grafis Huru Hara, Gema Septian, a local Graffiti artist, and JKTYP, the largest calligraphy organisation in Jakarta. 

Several of Wadah Warna's workshop and community atmosphere