In this race, the crown of victory awaits the one who crosses the finish line last.

5 to 40-meter sprints

Saturday, 21 October 2023

More than 30 participants raced each other to cross the finish line last.

Racers spent between 1 second to 1 hour to complete 5 meters.

40-meter marathon

Friday, 13 October 2023

2 professional slow walkers, Tanto and Koder, race each other in a 40-meter slow walking race. The results are as follows:

Tanto - 2 hours : 30 minutes : 5 seconds

Koder - 2 hours : 31 minutes : 27 seconds

Congratulations Koder for being the 2023 champion for the 40 meter Slow Walking Race!

"I had to slow down and come to terms with people around us walking at a regular page, and being left behind. I had to grow to be okay with it if I wanted to have a chance at winning... My tip for future slow walking racers is to imagine moving atom-per-atom of your body."

Koder, 2023 champion of the 40-meter slow walking race.

Photograph by Astrid Muller, Jacqui Gordon and Reinhart Tanto at Public Art Park 2023