Artist Statement and Bio

“ Art is a tool to gather and present multiple narratives of the human experience, and thus aid the continuous reconfiguration of our existing beliefs.”

Artist Statement

As a young adult, I feel like there isn't much room to question the cultural rules and beliefs that regulate my day-to-day behaviours. Departing from the lack of such spaces, my works facilitate people to reflect and exchange their perspectives with others.

I use a participatory and interactive approach during the processes and presentations of my artworks to make them approachable for people from different backgrounds. I start my projects by gathering various subjective viewpoints in my community to become more aware of my perspective. These findings guide me to devise an artwork that fosters the further gathering and sharing of people's personal perspectives of the human experience.

I believe that the awareness of diverse narratives empowers people to reconfigure their existing ideologies with compassion. I'm currently focusing on building Comfort Object Project and managing programs in my collective, Our Virtual Studio.

Artist Bio

Jessica is an artist and art programmer born in 2000 in Jakarta. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Humanities (major in Extended Psychology).

Her artwork often responds to everyday social situations and questions about stereotypical beliefs in a community. Jessica combines her knowledge as an art programmer and artist to create community-based art projects and participatory works. Jessica showed her artworks in group shows such as Nandur Srawung #8 (2021), Manifesto: Pandemic (2021), Knox Immerse (2021) and her first duo exhibition Inside/Outside, at the ruangrupa gallery (2018). She held her solo exhibitions titled Look At My Paintings! (2019) in Intermission Gallery, 24 Hours Artist Talk (2019) in Serrum Gallery, and Sleepy Scent (2021) in Connection Arts Space.

Jessica's art programs aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and perspectives between community members. Jessica responded to social issues during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a free online educational and networking platform for young artists in South East Asia called Our Virtual Studio.

In 2021 Jessica received the Prince Claus Seed Awards for advocating racial justice, free expression, and civil society through her works as an artist and cultural practitioner. She has received an artist residency from Way Over There Collective x Connection Arts Space (2021) and Remedial (2018). She completed a masterclass for creating research-based art under FX Harsono in Inkubator Inisiatif (2019-2021) and a study on art collectives under GUDSKUL (2019 & 2021).

Jessica is currently developing a body of work titled Comfort Object Project, exploring how adults achieve comfort. She currently manages the community art programs at Our Virtual Studio, Connection Arts Space, and Ekstrak Collective.