The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Into The Lazy Men

Peformance Video Art

Artwork Description

Growing up in an Indonesian International school made me develop an odd accent that didn’t fit the typical Bahasa Indonesia accent, nor an English accent. While I looked like a typical Chinese-Indonesian, my voice made locals question where I lived. My accent became a striking part of how people saw me.

Curiosity towards my accent made me realize that everyone’s accents are unconsciously made up of every single speech they have ever heard in their life. The way we speak builds upon every phrase from every person we have ever met in our life - from our first language teacher, to our current lovers. And this accent will continue to slightly evolve, accounting the upcoming humans we are yet to meet.

Hence, accents are a valuable meeting point between all the people that have crossed paths with us. And we too will influence other people’s accents with our collective accent.

In a way, our voice contains a fragment of every person in the world.