Join me & walk slowly?

An durational performance

My mom calls me a sloth for being slow at responding, talking and moving.

It makes me wonder,

if I am 'slow', then what is the right speed to move in?

And more importantly, how and who decides this speed?

I decided to take a common action, walking, and push it to the the most extreme end of speed I could reach to understand how that would impact myself and the people walking around me.

Princess Bridge

Walk Princess bridge_Trim - Copy.mp4

South Yarra Station

Walk South Yarra Station_Trim.mp4

Caulfield Station


Monash Caulfield

Walking trial-campus.MOV

Walker Street, Dandenong

CAS Gallery trimmed.mp4

Where to next?

I will continue to practice my slow walking in other places. If you have a recommendation of a place please chat me at tanto.jessica (@)