Creative Critters

A space to give, receive and learn how to crit

What is a group crit?

A group of people supporting and sharing views with the artist(s). A Crit is dynamic, spontaneous and immediate, where everyone gets a chance to be the ‘artist’ and critter.

My relationship to group crits

As a Bachelor of Fine Arts student, I am well aware of group art crit sessions where we provide and receive art crits from our peers. Sometimes I find crits to be constructive, and other times destructive. While crits can be highly beneficial for artists, they are not readily available for people outside of the mainstream formal art education systems.

I became interested in investigating art crits and developing systems for critting within non-formal art communities when I was studying for a counselling unit. I learned about listening skills therapists use that I thought might be applicable for an art crit session since we would be listening to the artist speaking during a crit session most of the time.

I decided to integrate my basic knowledge of various therapy modes and my experience as a Fine Arts student to start a community art project looking at group crit styles - Creative Critters

About Creative Critters

Creative Critters is a community art program that allows artists to practice how to provide and receive crit. The crits allow artists to look at their ongoing and finished art projects from fresh perspectives. However, the ultimate goal of Creative Critters is to provide young artists with the crit skills to start their independent crit groups eventually.

I believe that there is no one right way to hold crit sessions. The existing vibe of each community should adjust the way to crit. Creative Critters will not provide a one-way solution but rather a framework to look at one's community and decide how to create a space that emphasizes listening with caring ears.

Join Creative Critters

I am looking for communities interested in having me host regular Creative Critters for their members. The frequency and support exchange will be decided collaboratively with the community. If you are interested in collaborating to make Creative Critters available for your community, please contact me at tanto.jessica (@)