Please Take One


Project Mock-up

What is this?

Please Take One is an initiative designed to help publicize pieces of music (vocal or instrumental), spoken word, or narrated short stories by emerging creatives. We are now creating an open call for creatives to submit works which they want publiciziced for free through our interactive public art installation, unveiled as a part of the Knox 2021 Immerse Festival.

While we can't exactly describe to you the public art installation just yet, we can ensure you that it will be fun, interactive, and thought-provoking for bypassers in the city (and on the internet).

Who are we?

I, Jessica Tanto, am a conceptual artist and psychology student based in Jakarta and Melbourne.

I, Nick Barker, am an educator, musician, and artist based in Melbourne.

We've fused our diverse backgrounds and experiences to bring you this interactive musical installation.

Who are you?

Do you create audio-based works (e.g. music, poetry, sound art) ? As part of the Knox 2021 Immerse program, we’re creating something really special, and we want you to be in on it.

We are looking for pieces of music (vocal or instrumental), spoken word, or narrated short stories that evoke or respond to a specific emotion. Using these emotional resonances, your pieces will be compiled and installed around the Knox area, as well as on a semi-permanent (obviously we can remove anything whenever you want!) online database. In terms of format, we're accepting pretty much any and all audio files, whether that may be a voice memo or a fully-produced studio recording, and we're happy to tweak and master your recordings too as a little bonus.

We're accepting applications from any experience level and location, and we encourage you to apply, but we will be partially prioritising works submitted by young and emerging artists from Knox, Melbourne, and surrounds. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply.

While the explicit content of the piece does not need to revolve around emotions, we do request that the piece submitted does have a particular emotion that you associate with the piece. This is because the works submitted will be categorised and tailored to audiences based on their emotions, and we don't think that we'll be able to guess that as well as you, the creator!

All works submitted will be considered as a part of our installation (with full credits for your piece remaining to you of course). To submit your piece, simply fill out the form through the button below before 10 August 2021. If you have any questions feel free to email