Join me & walk slowly?

An durational performance

My mom calls me a sloth for being slow at responding, talking and moving. 

It makes me wonder, 

if I am 'slow', then what is the right speed to move in?

And more importantly, how and who decides this speed?

I decided to take a common action, walking, and push it to the the most extreme end of speed I could reach to understand how that would impact myself and the people walking around me. 

Images taken by Reinhart Tanto at Testing Grounds Launch Party 2022

Princess Bridge

Walk Princess bridge_Trim - Copy.mp4

South Yarra Station

Walk South Yarra Station_Trim.mp4

Caulfield Station


Monash Caulfield

Walking trial-campus.MOV

Walker Street, Dandenong

CAS Gallery trimmed.mp4

Where to next?

I will continue to practice my slow walking in other places. If you have a recommendation of a place please chat me at tanto.jessica (@)