MeGa Offline Yoga Class

Participatory Performance

This is a participatory performance that takes the form of a satirical yoga class. Participants took part in an absurd yoga class that dissects contemporary discourses surrounding the commodification of yoga and spiritual practices. This program is not a protest against the commodification of yoga, but rather a space to co-question the commercialization of spiritual knowledge, and our position as potential stakeholders in the wellness industry.

How did the participants find the 'Yoga Class'?

"I love how this performance rides the line between satire and authenticity, your persona and real life, between outsider critique and insider reflection. Where a lot of the art scene is saturated with dramatised, heavy-handed agenda, I feel your work would resonate with more people and actually make them reflect on the position they occupy. Even as someone completely new to yoga and wellness practice, I didn’t feel like a complete outsider, instead connected to you and the other participants as if we all occupied the grey area between ‘us’ and ‘them’. The authority in your narration had blurred together the ‘real’ and ‘satirical’, immersing me in the surreal, liminal space you created."

-Brayden Dopper

"I went to a yoga class a few years ago and now I don’t know if it was actually satirical yoga or not."