An online group show curated by Ranerrim and Projek Rabak (2021)

"Am I Alone?" exhibition focused on the concept of self-portraits during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I was thrilled to be invited for this exhibition as it gave me the opportunity to experiment on the limitations (and advantages) of an online exhibition space. I used the online medium to talk about the online impacts itself on self-portraits.

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FREE! Personality-Reading Service (2020)

I completely agree with the phrase: ‘Self-portraits are both honest and dishonest’, written on our exhibition brief. But what makes self-portraits honest or dishonest? I pulled together concepts from my psychology and fine arts background to reflect upon mistranslations between the way we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.

Just like this exhibition has been shifted online due to the pandemic, most of our social interactions have shifted online as well. Hence, this artwork explores the way our new online form of social interactions influences the way we construct ‘portraits’ of one another. After all, self-portraits are always mediated by social interactions.

Medium: Media art; Ink, Gouache, A4 paper, Tripetto form generator, Microsoft Powerpoint

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